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Voyeurism is a paraphilia where an individual gets sexually aroused by spying on a private moment.

What is Voyeurism?

Voyeurism is similar to the activity of staking someone and becoming obsessed with the target of the stalking. In voyeurism there is a sexual nature to the stalking, the person targets sexual moments to watch and also gets aroused by what they witness. Although stalking is quite a common occurrence, voyeurism is slightly less so because of the purely sexual reasons for spying. Stalking and voyeurism are considered illegal in most countries because of the implications the activity has on the chosen target and the distress it can case them.

An individual with voyeurism will almost always target people while they are in the middle of sexual and private activities. This could be while they are having sex, getting undressed or participating in other sexual activities. A person who has the fetish may also choose to spy on other private moments and then get pleasure from that. Unlike stalking, voyeurism means that a person may change targets on a regular basis. A stalker is more inclined to stick to one person and become obsessed with them. With voyeurism viewing these types of moments doesn’t have to be exclusive to a person, but it can be.

In most cases the object of an individual with voyeurism may never know that they are being watched. In some cases the person with voyeurism will take a memento from the place they have been watching. This could be a video, photograph or recording of the person performing sexual actions. The very thought of owning a copy of the sexual act could be enough to sexually stimulate the person.

The attraction of voyeurism is derived from multiple reasons that can all cause sexual arousal. The act of spying on someone when they can’t see you can cause a surge of emotions and sensations that can amount to sexual pleasure for a person with voyeurism. The private act in which they are watching is normally of a sexual nature so the attraction could come from that, similar to watching porn. For most people with voyeurism having an orgasm or becoming aroused may only be possible while watching other people in a sexual position whilst they are unaware.

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