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Vampirism is a way of life where people act and live as vampires, often in groups.

What is Vampirism?

Individuals with vampirism choose to live their lives as vampires, or in some cases believe they are vampires. The subculture has grown in recent years as the popularity for vampires has increased. Vampirism is the extreme form of living as a vampire, many of the people involved take on vampire identities and separate from the human lifestyle completely.

People who follow the vampirism lifestyle dress like a vampire, clothes that are often similar to the ones used in many BDSM activities. One of the main parts of the vampirism lifestyle is the consumption of blood, much like in a blood fetish. The vampires will consume their own blood or the blood of another as a form of food, that they believe keeps them strong.

Sadomasochism is also said to be a large part of the vampirism culture, especially with the sexual nature that is portrayed towards modern vampires. Pain and pleasure through sadomasochism is understood to be a key part in the sex culture of the people who follow vampirism and can be classed as a paraphilia in itself.

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