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A Golden Shower is a sexual fetish where one of the parties involved urinates on the other, resulting in sexual pleasure.

What is a Golden Shower?

There are variations of a golden shower where by a person may feel aroused by the sight, smell or act of urinating. Golden showers are categorised under the salirophilia section of paraphilias which is where a person gets aroused or feels pleasure from dirtying the person they are attracted to, which can be done through many forms.

A golden shower is not a recent fetish but one that has been practised by a large community for many years. The variations of a golden shower could include watching a person urine on themselves or on their clothing. Urine soaked clothing can also provide arousal for people who enjoy the scent of it, whilst others prefer the feeling of fresh urine on their bodies. Golden showers are used as a form of foreplay for people who enjoy the feeling.