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Troilism is a paraphilia that is more commonly known as Cuckholdism. Troilism is when a man or woman has a significant hold over another’s genitals while having complete control over their own.

What is Troilism?

The act of Troilism is generally a form of submission. An example and common practice is where a woman controls her husband’s penis and decides when he can use it sexually. At the same time she may have intercourse or perform sexual activities with other people. The husband is sometimes then instructed to clean her vagina or watch her have intercourse as a form of sexual arousal or humiliation for him.

Troilism isn’t exclusive to woman, sometimes a male will take the lead as the dominant and control his partner’s genitals, Troilism can also occur in same relationships. This fetish can provide sexual stimulation for both parties involved and is an agreed-upon activity than can last for years. The fetish often begins in relationships that have been long established.

Specialist equipment can be brought from most sex shops and are used to restrict the use of genitals so sex cannot be performed. These instruments are used between some couples as a form of extra arousal and to ensure that the submissive party does not break the rules.

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