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Trichophilia is one of the oldest fetishes and defines a sexual attraction to hair.

What is Trichophilia?

Trichophilia can be separated from liking a particular style of haircut and is instead is an actual sexual interest in hair. It is down to individual preference as to where the attraction is derived from, it could be the feel, colour, style or length that ignites an erotic response that is more than mere attraction. In some cases, which could be linked to beastiality, a person may be aroused by the sight of fur.

As part of foreplay someone with a hair fetish can be stimulated by stroking hair or rubbing themselves against another’s hair. While masturbating a person may choose to feel their own hair in order to become stimulated and aroused.

Trichophilia can extend to other body hair as well as head hair. In some instances a person may choose to have a form of intercourse with the hair by rubbing themselves against it until they reach a climax. Milder forms of Trichophilia could also include arousal from having intercourse with someone who has excessive pubic hair.

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