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A person who has the paraphilia Transvestophilia has the desire to have sex with a transvestite. This desire can manifest in a variant of ways and the attraction level can differ from person to person.

What is Transvestophilia?

In general, a person with Transvestophilia will have a significant interest in transvestites and increased sexual desire to perform erotic acts or intercourse with them. This fetish does not mean that the person in question has any desire to be a transvestite or dress up in another gender’s clothing. The sexual interest is directed purely at the transvestite and not out of a need to replicate their lifestyle or be involved with it.

Transvestophilia isn’t uncommon and there are entire porn categories dedicated to transvestites and a following that enjoy watching them perform sexual activities. Transvestophilia isn’t directed towards a particular sexuality and can be experienced by males, females, homosexuals and heterosexuals alike.

Someone with Transvestophilia may actively seek out transvestites for sexual partners or just enjoy watching them have sex. They may enjoy helping their partner dress up, or accompanying them on nights out in the guise of the opposite gender. There are many fetish clubs aimed at people with Transvestophilia and their transvestite partners.

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