Transvestic Fetish

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Transvestic Fetish is where a person dresses up in clothing that typically belongs to the opposite gender. This does not include people who do it for events or out of curiosity but those who get a strong sexual pleasure from dressing as another gender.

What is Transvestic Fetish?

This fetish is normally adopted by men who can take on a different persona and live a separate life as woman alongside their normal lives. There is no attachment to sexual orientation and it is commonly practiced by heterosexual men with no sexual desire for the same gender.

A Transvestic Fetish can develop at any time and often begins by trying on a partner’s clothing. Once sexual pleasure is achieved from wearing the clothes it often develops quickly and many men collect women’s clothing for their personal use.

There is still a stigma attached to the fetish but it is becoming accepted more and more. A Transvestic Fetish can take many forms; wearing underwear belonging to another gender could cause enough sexual pleasure for some people, whilst others invest in wardrobes full of clothes, wigs and shoes.

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