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Toxophilia is the paraphilia name for having a sexual attraction towards the art of archery.

What is Toxophilia?

Toxophilia is a fetish where an individual gets aroused by the thought and act of archery. The fetish is not new in comparison to most and is believed to have been around since archery was invented. By watching or participating in archery a person with toxophilia will experience heightened levels of sexual arousal and pleasure. Men and woman alike can experience toxophilia with no dependence on their sexuality, but it is thought that women are more likely to have the fetish. This could originate from the introduction of women’s archery hundreds of years ago. At the time the sport was viewed as popular and fashionable, with higher classes of people taking up the sport.

The strain on the body whilst practising archery could be a source of the arousal felt by some toxophiles. Others may like the image of archers practising and the display of talent and strength. The arousal felt can be a product of the history of archery and the image of heroism. It is not necessary for a person to be an archer to have toxophilia, they can also be a toxophile if they get aroused by watching the sport.

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