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Teraophilia is when an individual finds someone who wouldn’t normally be considered attractive sexually arousing.

What is Teraophilia?

Teraophilia is not an uncommon fetish in some instances; however, it depends on the person involved. A teraophile will find a person or beast attractive if they are different from the normal conception of beauty. Most people have a demographic in which they believe a person is good looking, for a teraophile it is normally the exact opposite of what others think. There are numerous romantic connotations that follow teraophilia and it is believed by some that people with the paraphilia can see the true person underneath.

It is thought that the object of a teraophile’s affection is always a deformed man or woman but that isn’t always the case. The person a teraophile finds attractive may be a mythical beast or figment of their imagination, anything that isn’t normally considered beautiful. This could also extend to increased sexual desire at the thought of being with a vampire or werewolf. Someone with teraophilia will normally seek out a partner who is classed as ugly and get sexual pleasure by being with them.

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