Telephone Scatologia

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Telephone scatologia is the paraphilia name for a person who makes obscene calls to people and gets sexual pleasure from it.

What is Telephone Scatologia?

Telephone scatologia is similar in a way to prank calling someone and getting a reaction from them, however, when an individual has telephone scatologia they get sexual satisfaction from making the telephone call. In some cases the content of the phone call can be a lot more graphic than an everyday prank call. Prank calling and obscene phone calls as classed as illegal in many counties which makes telephone scatologia a dangerous fetish to act upon.

For some people telephone scatologia is the only way to get aroused and ultimately be able to have sex. The act of calling somebody when you are not supposed to can cause an emotional rush. Individuals with telephone scatologia often use words that are seen to be rude or offensive during their calls in order to get a reaction out of the person. While some individual’s orgasm may rely on the words said, others will get the satisfaction from hearing the answer.

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