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Symphororphilia is the term used to describe people who achieve sexual pleasure by watching an accident that they have caused.

What is Symphororphilia?

Symphororphilia is a category of sacrificial paraphilia that revolves around the outcome of a planned accident. The individual with symphororphilia will actively plan an accident and watch the events play out. The accident could be anything from a purposely set fire to leaving a manhole uncovered. After setting up an accident a symphororphile will sit and wait for the disaster to start so they can pleasure themselves.

Symphororphilia is not dependant on gender or sexuality; anyone can have the fetish. The type of accident could be a personal choice for some, while others won’t care as long as the outcome is what they desire it to be.

The sexual arousal felt by people with symphororphilia is down to the ability to play God with other people’s lives. Not knowing the exact outcome, whether anyone will die or not, could be the source of most of the sexual excitement felt. Creating that kind of stimulant is hard and illegal so certain individuals with symphororphilia choose instead to just imagine an accident.

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