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Sweden Top List

Most popular Sweden cities for adult entertainment:

  1. Stockholm
  2. Gothenburg
  3. Malmo

World Top List

Most popular cities in the world for adult entertainment:

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Bangkok
  5. Shanghai
  6. Tokyo
  7. Rio de Janeiro
  8. New York
  9. Madrid
  10. Berlin
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Bangkok
  13. Sydney
  14. Athens
  15. Buenos Aires
  16. Sao Paulo
  17. Hanoi
  18. Newcastle
  19. Manchester
  20. Leeds
  21. Dublin
  22. Rome
  23. Mexico City
  24. Seoul
  25. Delhi
  26. Mumbai

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Bordered by its Scandinavian neighbours Norway and Finland, Sweden is a country of approximately 10 million people and is one of the ten most richest countries for GDP per capita, ahead of the USA, Netherlands and Germany and just trailing behind Australia and its neighbour Denmark. Sweden ranks very highly on polls concerning quality of life, healthcare, equality and education, and it is one of the cleanest, safest and best places to live in the world. Sweden is the birthplace of many Hollywood heartthrobs, including Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Alexander Skarsgard and Malin Akerman, and the energy-saving lightbulb, the Tetrapak and the pacemaker were all invented here.

Prostitution in Sweden

The laws in Sweden make the act of prostitution a criminal offence, but only for the clients (the people who pay for sex) and not for the sex worker, and they can face a penalty of up to four years in prison if found guilty. Sweden was one of the first countries to enact this law, and since then it has been adopted by their Scandinavian neighbours Norway. Brothels and pimping are also illegal in Sweden.

Best Places to Visit in Sweden

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities in the world. This is a very modern, young and exciting city that is open accepting to all, and it combines some great history with fantastic scenery and all of the amenities of modern life. Gothenburg is a little quainter and more rural, with a great music scene and some amazing places in which to sample Swedish cuisine at its best. Malmo is an exciting and growing city, a multicultural home that offers some great shopping destinations.

Best Things to See in Sweden

It goes without saying that a visit to any Scandinavian country is not complete without sampling some Viking history and some Scandinavian delicacies, but there is plenty more on offer if neither of these things excite you. There are some stunningly designed castles throughout the country, some blissful botanical gardens in Gothenburg and some wonders of modern Swedish architectural design on show in Malmo and Stockholm. Some of the most visited attractions include the Gamla Stan, which is the name of the old town in Stockholm; the Skansen Zoo and Museum; Stockholm Palace; Drottningholm Palace; and Avlsborg Fortress.

BDSM / Fetish in Sweden

Fetishes and Paraphilias

Sweden is a very open and tolerant country and most fetishes are widely practiced and accepted here. There are online communities and local communities for BDSM lovers that meet for events; clubs and venues where BDSM and other fetishes are promoted and dress codes are in place; and plenty of professional dominatrices and fetish escorts. Prostitution is illegal here and those pay for such acts can be cautioned, but providing that both parties are consensual (and money is not involved) then the same doesn't apply for BDSM.