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Stigmatophilia is a paraphilia that means a person is sexually drawn to people who have had a body modification.

What is Stigmatophilia?

The fetish term stigmatophilia is used to describe individuals who seek sexual partners because of the modifications on their body. This could include tattoos and body piercings on all areas of the body. It is normal for some people to find such markings desirable, but for a stigmatophile the markings are crucial for sexual attraction to be felt with their partner.

Stigmatophilia covers all markings in general and although certain individuals may have particular tastes, others are aroused by all types. As well as tattoos and piercings stigmatophilia can include scars and wounds that are distinctive and apparent.

Scars and gashes on a person’s skin could be deemed attractive and sexually exciting because of the pain element of what had happened. This could relate back to BDSM activities. Other body markings and modifications could cause arousal because of the way they look, the story behind them or even the look it gives the person who has them.

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