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Sthenolagnia is the fetish involving heightened sexual feelings towards muscles.

What is Sthenolagnia?

Sthenolagnia is not an overly uncommon sexual fetish to have and can be present in both men and women, although it is slightly more common in females. Feeling sexually attracted to muscles is generally considered a normal reaction for most females and certain males. However, to be considered as having sthenolagnia the attraction must be of a significantly higher level than normal.

An individual with sthenolagnia may find all muscles on the body sexually arousing, including legs, arms and thigh muscles. However, it is not unusual for a person just to find one area of muscles attractive, or to prefer one area over another. The size, feel and placement of the muscles could all be trigger points sexually for someone with sthenolagnia.

Sthenolagnia doesn’t only revolve around the muscles on someone’s body but could also be associated with shows of the person’s strength. This could be in a competition or simply a display of their higher than normal strength. The attraction felt could stem from the need to be protected and safe.

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