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Sophophilia is a term used to describe sexual arousal in relation to learning something.

What is Sophophilia?

Sophophilia is a fairly uncommon fetish that makes people feel sexually stimulated when they have learnt something new. Sophophilia is not the same as enjoying the learning process or having fun whilst studying something new, but instead is more sexually driven. An individual with sophophilia will find the act of learning a fact sexually stimulating and continue to learn in order to feel pleasure.

Sophophilia is not dependent as a whole on a subject, type of learning or the difficultly in what subject is being learnt; the paraphilia covers all types of learning from mental to physical. The particular individual involved may gain pleasure from only one type of subject which makes the fetish very personal to them. The sense of achievement in learning something can cause emotional responses in the body that can be linked to sexual feelings. Other childhood experiences with school or work could also play a part in the arousal felt.

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