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Sex Toy Reviews

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Best Places to Buy Sex Toys and More

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Sex Tourism Top List

Most popular cities in the world for adult entertainment:

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  6. Tokyo
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  8. New York
  9. Madrid
  10. Berlin
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  19. Manchester
  20. Leeds
  21. Dublin
  22. Rome
  23. Mexico City
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  25. Delhi
  26. Mumbai

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Sex Toy Reviews

Like everything else, you want to know how good your sex toy is before you commit to a purchase. These days sex toys can be very expensive. The demand has grown and the price has grown along with it. The average purchase on a sex toy website, such as Love Honey, the biggest retailer of sex toys in the UK and Europe, is over £50, and sometimes this accounts for a single dildo or vibrator. Women love their sex toys and as they purchase more of them than ever before, they are also more open about those purchases than ever before. Many blame it on the 50 Shades of Grey effect, but the fact that women all over the world, young and old, are more open about their sexuality is fantastic. The Rampant Rabbit is one of the most popular sex toys in existence and has sold millions, but many women are not happy with just one and, much like handbags or shoes, although they all serve the same purpose, us women love variety when it comes to sex toys.

In this section of the A World of Sex website we will review as many sex toys as we can, with all of the female sex toys personally reviewed by the female writers of the AWOS site. You can't get more dedication than that. We do this all for free, but the products we review do come from our affiliates, so if you do want to make a purchase then we would appreciate you doing it through one of our links. If you fancy reviewing for us yourself, and joining the AWOS team in general, then checkout the Send us a Request section below.

Male Sex Toy Reviews

There was a time when sex toys catered for women only. That changed with the invention of the fleshlight, but for many years men played second fiddle to women in this market. Simply put, men were often too shy to go in sex shops and make sex toy purchases, because whereas it was seen as a normal thing for women, for men there was a tendency to think of it as perverted. That is changing though and the retail industry is changing with it. At A World of Sex we have also asked our male members to contribute to this part of the website, reviewing the many male sex toys that Love Honey and other websites have for sale.

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This site is expensive to run and it also cost us a lot to get it off the ground. We don't ask for any money off our readers and we also don't spam in anyway. That is why you will only find genuine links on our Sex Tourism page, original erotica in our erotica section, genuine and original interviews in our Interview section, and real reviews here. To make sure we continue in that form, we have affiliated with many sex toy retailers. We still source the best products from them to review, and we also pay for these products with our own money. The only thing that we ask is that if you decide to make a purchase based on one of these reviews, please do so through the affiliate link that will point to the product in question.

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