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Sex shops are adult entertainment stores were you can buy many different products to aid your sex life and get stimulation from other means. As a major part of the sex industry they have been around for many years, servicing people of all ages and tastes. You can find sex shops in many town and city centres, some of which have developed into well-known brands that are easily recognisable today. Ann Summers is an excellent example of a sex shop chain; with a store in almost every major town they are a very popular brand. Others have remained small unique shops so you are sure to find a good variation from town to town.

About Sex Shops

There is often a wide range of products available to buy in most sex shops; they cater for all tastes from the well-known to the more exotic. With most stores they stock a considerable amount of sex toys, lingerie, porn DVD’s and accessories. Dildos still remain one of the most popular types of sex toy on the market but you can often find other specific items for men and women as well as toys designed to be used together. There are ranges of dress-up clothes for parties and private use, along with specially designed erotic lingerie. Some shops stock specialist equipment for use in BDSM and certain paraphilias alongside items you can find in your local supermarket such as condoms, lubricant and small vibrators.

For many years sex shops were known as seedy venues that had blacked-out windows. These days they have been transformed into an established industry that are used by millions of people every year. Each shop has its own charm and are often welcoming, highly reputable, modern buildings. With hundreds of sex shops moving over to the online market in the last decade, business has boomed, changing from something that is rarely spoken about to an industry that is hugely promoted and the topic of many conversations.

A larger variation of products are now easily available to the masses. Even well-known websites such as Amazon stock a variety of sex products. More and more people use these online stores every day, preferring to shop in private. Some people, however, still like to get a feel of the products before they buy, keeping the sex shops in business.

Sex Shop Law

There is a lot of law and legislation surrounding sex shops and even the online stores. In many places you have to be at least 18 to be allowed into a sex shop and in some specialist shops the age limit increases to 21. Even if you’re shopping online you have to prove you are a legal adult before you can buy any of the products available. Many districts only allow lingerie and products that aren’t offensive to be shown in the windows. Other places restrict the products that can go on sale or be advertised in the store.

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