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Using different sexual positions when having intercourse can keep your sex life varied and exciting. These positions can be used before having sex or whilst sexual intercourse is taking place, to encourage a deeper penetration or for extra stimulation purposes. People choose to try different positions to reach ultimate climaxes and create a better sexual experience for one or both parties involved. Sexual positions can be used by both homosexual and heterosexual couples to better understand each other’s body better and feel more connected.

About: Sexual Positions

There are a number of different categories in which sexual positions can be categorised: penetration of a penis into a vagina, sex involving the anus, non-penetrative sex involving a male or female, and oral intercourse. If you don’t have a partner or prefer personal masturbation as a form of sexual pleasure, then you can adopt certain positions to differ your experience and change the kind of pleasure you get from the act. Sex toys can also act as a stimulant encouraging different sexual positions to get the desired effect.

The amount of sexual positions available to try are virtually limitless and can all achieve different sensations and reactions from your body. Although many people have only tried a handful of positions, choosing instead to use the same one the majority of the time, others are always looking for different things to try whilst exploring their sexual needs and desires. For penetrative sex between a man and women some will desire the women to be on top whilst others prefer it the other way. By mixing up the order you can focus the sexual pleasure mainly on only one of the people involved, prolonging the act.

Types of Positions

There are hundreds of sexual positions, and many of the same positions often carry different names. Below is a list of some of the most common positions and acts, tied to pages which contain further information about these positions:

Sex Positions Through History

The Kama Sutra is the most famous sexual position book ever written. It is thought that the ancient Indian book was written between 400 BCE and 200 CE, making it one of the oldest books in existence. Over the years the book has been rewritten multiple times and the list of positions are getting longer by the day.