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Sex Around the World

Whether you want to visit a sex shop in Rio de Janeiro or to find yourself an escort in Leeds, we can help you. Our extensive guides cover all the best parts of the biggest cities and towns in the world, and with more content added everyday our list is only growing. We have trawled the internet, spoken with escorts and dominatrices (which you can see more of in our interviews section) and also asked the customers. The same dedicated team that wrote How to Hire an Escort for those who are new but eager to get involved, have compiled the best places to shop, dance, have fun, and find the best escorts and prostitutes in cities all over the world.

Sex Tourism

Amsterdam: The Most Well Known Red Light District

The menu on the right of this page lists an extended version of our "Top List" with a huge selection of big cities for you to choose from, all of which have their own comprehensive articles on where to find the best action. If you can't find what you are looking for here, then simply have a look at the country list above that. Each country has its own write up, along with links to all of the city articles available on that page. If you still can't find what you're looking for then the search function at the top right-hand corner should help. And if your city isn't there then just sit tight as we're adding new content all of the time and it should be available soon. You can check out our original erotica, opinion pieces or porn star profiles in the meantime.

The Best Countries for Buying Sex

Most of this is subjective, a matter of opinion, but there the issues of legality and availability that help to sway opinion. The USA, for instance, can be a great place if you're in the right state, with areas in Reno and Las Vegas being havens for prostitution, but elsewhere, in cities like New York, and indeed the country on the whole, prostitution is illegal. Escort service are equally frowned upon and difficult to come by. South America is often more relaxed, with Brazil and Argentina being popular destinations, and there is also a growing interest as far afield as New Zealand and Australia where prostitution and even brothels are legal in many areas. The laws in Europe are diverse, but escorts are usually legal regardless of where you are, whilst street prostitution and brothels are also legal in countries such as Greece and Germany. Asia is a little stranger, because although paying for sex is illegal in most countries, there are many loopholes which can make sex tourism trips to China and Japan a very interesting experience to say the least.

The Best Cities for Buying Sex

The obvious choice on everyone's list would be Amsterdam, which as one of the most famous red light districts in the world, but there are an increasing number of popular destinations preparing to take over Amsterdam's title as Europe's city of sin. Berlin is one of the best choices, particularly for those who enjoy BDSM or have some fetishes to indulge in. Prostitution is widely available in Germany on the whole, but Berlin is one of the youngest and most exciting cities on the continent and the experience can be an unforgettable one here. Prague is also very popular, as is Copenhagen. Further afield, Tokyo offers something a little different; Bangkok is famous for its sex industry for a reason; and Auckland is also becoming a hot new spot for eager sex tourists who want to see some natural beauty whilst they devour something much more carnal.

We list all of the best escorts, agencies, sex shops, strip clubs and nightclubs in every city, doing our best to trawl the internet to find them. As we can't visit all of these places ourselves we are open to suggestions from our readers. If you know of a place that our readers would enjoy then please get in touch and we'll see what we can do. If you yourself run a business, or if you're an escort and want to be featured on one of these pages, or on the rest of the AWOS site then that can also be discussed. Please be advised that we will not take sites that spam or those that are unrelated to our content. We genuinely only want honest sites that can make the experience better for the AWOS readers.

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