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Sadism is generally practiced as part of BDSM activities but can also be classed and practiced as an individual Fetish in its own right. Sadism is where a person receives an intense sexual reaction to inflicting pain on other people.

What is Sadism?

Sadism is generally practiced in dominant and submissive scenarios but isn’t exclusive to this. A person who practices sadism can get pleasure from seeing another in pain, creating a humiliating scenario or degrading someone.

Sadism is practiced with the consent of all participating parties, otherwise it is considered illegal and can have sever legal implications. The act of causing someone pain can be done in many ways but is often used as foreplay to stimulate the body, making it open to more intense sensations.

Sex toys are a big part of sadism as well as creating an atmosphere that can ignite a deep arousal. Items such as whips, chains, nipple clamps and belts are commonly used as well as larger more specialised equipment with could include cages, crosses and hardened beds.

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