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Brazil Top List

Most popular cities in Brazil for adult entertainment:

  1. Sao Paulo
  2. Rio de Janeiro
  3. Porto Alegre
  4. Belo Horizonte
  5. Salvador
  6. Fortaleza

World Top List

Most popular cities in the world for adult entertainment:

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Bangkok
  5. Shanghai
  6. Tokyo
  7. Rio de Janeiro
  8. New York
  9. Madrid
  10. Berlin
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Rome
  13. Sydney
  14. Athens
  15. Buenos Aires
  16. Sao Paulo
  17. Hanoi
  18. Newcastle
  19. Manchester
  20. Leeds
  21. Dublin
  22. Florence
  23. Mexico City
  24. Seoul
  25. Delhi
  26. Mumbai

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Rio De Janerio

Rio de Janeiro, commonly referred to as just “Rio”, is Brazil’s second biggest, America's sixth biggest and the world's 35th biggest city in terms of population. In 2012, UNESCO identified a part of RIO as a World Heritage site.

Rio de Janeiro was founded by the Portuguese in the year 1565. The city is Brazil’s second largest GDP, with two of the Brazil's biggest companies situated in it, Vale and Petrobas. Along with these two heavyweights, there are other major oil and telephone companies situated in Rio de Janeiro and it is also home to Globo Organisations, the largest media company in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is Brazil's second largest R&D centre as it is home to numerous institutes and universities, and accounts for as high as seventeen percent of Brazil's production in science.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the Southern Hemisphere's most visited places and is famous for its celebrations, natural setting, samba dance and beaches. Rio's most famous landmarks, along with the various beaches such as Copacabana, are the Christ the Redeemer statue, the cable car on Sugarloaf Mountain, and the Maracana football stadium, which is one of the largest football stadiums in the world.

Escorts in Rio de Janeiro

Due to the legalisation of prostitution in Brazil, escorts and escort services are plentiful in Rio de Janeiro as well as all over Brazil. The hassle-free nature of paid sex attracts customers and thus a number of escort services have sprung-up all over the city.

Milena Gurgel and Valentina Reis are two escorts in Rio, the profiles of whom are easily available on the Internet along with their contact details. In addition to these, there are plenty of legal red light districts in Rio, Vila Mamosa being the most infamous of the lot. However, individual escorts are cheaper than the escort agencies and special activities like BDSM, anal, etc,. are charged separately and need to be discussed in advance.

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Gay Scene in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is South America's most gay friendly city, so gay restaurants, gay clubs, gay bars, and shops are found in abundance here. Most of the gay venues can be found in and around the suburb of Ipanema and the district of Lebnon. Rio de Janeiro has a reputation of providing something for everyone irrespective of their fetishes and/or tastes.

  • Ipanema Gay Beach is for those who want something different from the norm. The beach is full of hunks who show-off their body on the sands, and for the many activities that take place here, which is why it is often referred to as Gay’s Paradise.
  • Le Boy Le boy is perhaps the most famous gay club in the entire city of Rio. Many newer clubs have sprung up across the years but the true gay nightlife still resides in the heart of Le Boy. The club stays open late into the night, offering loud music and hot clientele to keep the gay crowd entertained. This is what makes this club a hot attraction for the entire LGBT community.

Strip Clubs in Rio de Janeiro

Rio has quite a number of strip clubs. The entertainment offered at these venues is more geared towards the local crowd and the drinks and food available are much cheaper than the tourist spots. It is advised that tourists be on their guard in these places because they could be dangerous for outsiders due to the presence of scammers who single-out tourists.

Barbarella is remains open all throughout the night. Barbarella has dancers from all over the world but the majority of them are locals and Europeans. Dancers are seen to perform either topless or in bikinis, and the quality of the ladies and performances on offer shows why this is one of the most popular strip clubs in Rio.

Frank's Bar is one of the oldest strip clubs in Rio and is completely safe for everyone. It also has the reputation for being a place that anyone can go to for a cheap drink. The girls performing here are topless and can also be hired for lap dances and other private dances.

Sex Shops in Rio de Janeiro

The sex shops in Rio de Janeiro are a perfect compliment to the night life of Rio. A number of shops have been set up in in the city so you are always assured of finding what you need.

Corpo E Seducao Sex Shop E Lingerie’’’ is a large chain of stores in Rio. They stock and sell all types of sexual items, from sex toys such as dildos to lingerie. Fruir Sex Shop specializes in fetish, BDSM and domination sex toys and is infamous all over Rio for providing these items.

Massage Parlours in Rio de Janeiro

Often a massage is just what one needs to relieve a day-long buildup of stress and tension. There are plenty of choices of erotic masseurs and massage parlours in Rio providing tourists and locals with just what they need after a busy day of sightseeing.

Bel Prazer is one of the leading massage parlours in Rio where a variety of different massages are available. The massage parlour has an abundance of different girls to choose from and the price is 140 R$ per hour, but the service is well worth the money.

Flavia Massagens normally has a stock of five ladies on hand and the new store has a handful of very clean and cosy suites for the customers to relax and have a good time in.

Adult Entertainment for Women in Rio de Janeiro

Similar to any place in the world, an average looking woman can easily find entertainment for the night in a bar or a nightclub. However, male prostitutes and swingers are also available in plenty supply. Rio has quite a number of options for adult women who are looking for a good time.

Clube da Seducao Paris Cafe is an agency which deals in male strippers and is ideal for women who want to enjoy themselves without getting too sexually involved.

Mistura Certa Club is perhaps the leading club in terms of male escorts, and has at their disposal an abundance of sexy men who are always ready to provide the best possible service to their female clients. They promise to satisfy and fulfil every fantasy.

BDSM and Fetish Activities in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has a variety of nightclubs catering especially for a variety of fetishes and also includes periodic performances.

  • Kinky Dom's Webcam Looking for a quick fix? Check out this super-sexy domme's webcam, which you can be streaming immediately. If you have the balls, you can also chat with her.
  • Fetish Escorts This is a classified site that contains all the information about independent escorts throughout Brazil. The girls on this site are open to everything and anything and are more than happy to do what it takes to satisfy their customers.

BDSM / Fetish Escorts in Rio de Janeiro

Escorts for BDSM can be easily found in any escort agency but the terms must be previously discussed before on the phone. If you are looked for a progressional dominatrix (one who does not offer sex as standard) as opposed to a BDSM escort then these tend to work by themselves and are harder to find.

  • Dominatrix is an escort service available in Rio de Janeiro which caters to all the BDSM needs of their clientele. The pictures available in the gallery of this website is sure to coax BDSM practitioners into indulging with one of their escorts.
  • Juliette is one such lady who is every man’s dream come true. She indulges in masochistic as well as sadistic pleasure games and during role plays she is flexible enough to dominate or be dominated depending on the demands of the client. An encounter with her is sure to keep you enthralled for a long time to come.

Staying Safe in Rio de Janeiro

It is vital that one is safe while indulging in sexual activities in Rio. Although mostly it is very safe, some precautions must be taken in order to avoid untoward circumstances. It is advised to avoid the rural areas as it may be unsafe for tourists and often miscreants choose tourists to exploit as they are easier targets than locals.

Having an Affair in Rio

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