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Pyrophilia is the name given to individuals who get sexual pleasure from fire.

What is Pyrophilia?

Pyrophilia is similar in some instances to pyromania, which is a compulsion to start fires. However, where the paraphilia pyrophilia is concerned there is a sexual nature to the act of starting a fire. There is also not always the compulsion present in pyrophilia that is always present in pyromania. Pyrophilia is generally not that common and there are only a few records of pyrophilic acts.

A person who has pyrophilia normally has a heightened interest in fire as well as a sexual interest in the fire itself. The sexual arousal felt when seeing fire could lead to other acts such as sex or fire related role-play. The desire present could cause a person to start fires in order to gain the sexual pleasure that the fire brings them; this makes the fetish possibly dangerous and illegal. The source of arousal felt from the fire could stem from various places depending on the person involved. The emotional connection to the fire, stimulation to the senses or childhood experiences could all play a part in the attraction for some individuals.

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