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Pygophilia is a paraphilia where an individual is sexually excited by human buttocks.

What is Pygophilia?

The fetish pygophilia is the name for people who have a higher than normal attraction towards a human being’s buttocks. The buttocks are normally classed as a sexually attractive part of the human body in most circumstances, so to have pygophilia the arousal felt must be significantly above normal. A pygophile can be both a man or woman and the fetish is not exclusive to any sexuality.

An individual with pygophilia may like the buttocks in a similar way to other people and have the same reasons for liking them, but the reasons are often much more intense. There are a number of ways in which a pygophile can practise their fetish, one of the most common is to have anal sex with their partner. Although it is not necessary for someone with pygophilia to want to have anal sex, this is often the case. Some individuals may be satisfied with just touching, rubbing or licking the buttocks.

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