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Plushophilia is the paraphilia that describes people who have a sexual interest in stuffed animals.

What is Plushophilia ?

Plushophiles are sexually attracted to stuffed animals and in some cases desire to have sex with them. Individuals who have plushophilia are sometimes classed as ‘plushies’ although confusion has arisen over this term because of its occasional use to describe stuffed toy collectors. Plushophilia is not as uncommon as people believe and among stuffed toy fans it is not unheard of.

Plushophilia can stem from many different types of attraction. Some individuals find the classic type of stuffed animal sexually arousing while others like the image of stuffed animals in cartoon form. The cartoon image could be from a child’s television show or from online pictures or drawings.

Plushophilia could be used as part of role-play where a person dresses up as a carton animal and performs sexual activities, or for some people the sexual desires they feel could be purely imaginative. There are communities set up where individuals can express their sexual fantasies and their likes and dislikes. Although many people with plushophilia find all stuffed animals arousing, others are more specific and may have bonds with certain animals or types of stuffed toy.

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