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Piquerism is a paraphilia where an individual gets sexually excited by piercing skin.

What is Piquerism?

The fetish of piquerism is often present in BDSM and masochism activities or other pain related fetishes. By piercing the skin of others or themselves, individuals with piquerism will get a sense of sexual satisfaction. Certain degrees of piquerism could be seen as being illegal, depending on the severity of the activities involved. Piquerism can be a part of role-play in BDSM sessions, especially between dominants and their submissive. In these cases piquerism may be only performed on a slightly lower level designed to give the submissive a sense of helplessness as well as pleasure. Piquerism could also be a form of foreplay between trusting partners and act as a pain and pleasure technique.

The piercing of a person’s skin in piquerism can be done to different levels of severity. Some individuals only like to prick another’s skin enough to cause mild pain, while others are only satisfied by the thought of the penetration causing severe injury or in some cases death. It is common for the sexual areas of the body to be targeted the most.