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Pictophilia is a paraphilia whereby the sufferer is heavily addicted to pornography, to that extent that their personal lives become severely affected.

About Porn Addiction / Pictophilia

Rather than describing someone who is simply aroused or sexually excited by pornography or erotic images, Pictophilia is used to depict somebody who is severely addicted to pornographic images, to the extent where it interrupts and negatively impacts on their lives.

Sexually active humans are naturally drawn to pornography in its many forms, but sufferers of Pictophilia, or “Porn Addiction” are deeply obsessed with this medium. Because of the wide availability of pornography — due to high-speed internet connections — porn addiction is becoming a prevalent trend in modern society. It is often found in men, particular in the young, and is characterised by an excessive urge to view pornography that takes over one’s life. This may be in the form of neglecting personal appearance and personal relationships; becoming socially isolated and even falling into a depression.

People who suffer from porn addiction may also struggle to find or hold down a normal sexual relationship, and may even struggle to perform sexually. There is no official diagnostic definition for porn addiction and it is a debated subject amongst physicians and psychiatrists who may see “sufferers” as nothing more than lazy, sexually-obsessed individuals with little willpower and no self-restraint. There may also be other underlying conditions that contribute this condition, such as depression, loneliness, a lack of self-esteem and/or an impulsive and pathological nature.

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