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Pedovestism is a fairly well known paraphilia where pleasure is achieved through dressing like a child. The act of pedovestism causes concern in a lot of people and is generally hidden and practised in private.

What is Pedovestism?

Pedovestism is closely linked to having sexual desires towards young children and babies, making it mostly disapproved of. Although getting sexual pleasure from dressing like a child can be related to these desires, it is not always the case. An individual may experience arousal for other reasons such as memories from their childhood, the feel of the clothes or the sensation of being looked after like a baby.

It is not always modern clothes that are chosen, and in some cases Victorian dresses are made or bought for the occasion. A few people have taken up a profession making adult child clothes as they are not generally readily available. Although Pedovestism can be linked to adult babies there are differences in the procedure and reasons behind the fetish.

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