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Having a partialism means that an individual has a higher than normal attraction to a certain body part.

What is Partialism?

Partialism is a fetish that covers many different paraphilias concerning human body parts. Partialism is the broad term for having a sexual fascination with a particular human body part. Partalism is not an uncommon fetish; however, sexual interest in certain body parts could be viewed as abnormal.

To have partialism you don’t need to have a fetish for all parts of the body or even a particular one. Whether an individual is sexually interested in legs, arms or fingers it is still classed as partialism. However, certain other fetishes may also coincide with partialism, making it a common occurrence for someone with partialism to have other fetishes. An individual who has partialism could compare their interest with their particular body part as being to a similar level as the arousal received when seeing genitals; in some cases the arousal could be even higher. The reason behind the sexual feelings can stem from past experiences regarding that body part, but it can also be a seemingly spontaneous thing.