Paraphilic Infantism

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Paraphilic infantism is a fetish where an individual acts like an infant for sexual satisfaction.

What is Paraphilic Infantism?

Paraphilic infantism is the act of an adult dressing and acting like an infant does in order to become sexually aroused. The fetish has been linked to paedophilia although for most this is not the case — paraphilic infantism does not mean that an individual has to find children arousing. Paraphilic infantism is similar to adult baby syndrome in the way that the individuals may act but the difference is the sexual stimulation received during paraphilic infantism that is not normally a part of adult baby syndrome.

During paraphilic infantism a person dresses up in clothes that are designed for children and can play or act in the way they think a child would. Paraphilic infantism can include another person who acts as the parental figure towards the individual; they could feed, bathe and care for the child. The sexual arousal can come from any aspect of paraphilic infantism and in some cases it could be because of humiliation or child-like punishment at the hands of an adult.