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Paraphilias come in many shapes and sizes, and more are being "discovered" all the time. Many of these paraphilas (also known as fetishes) have online communities and are catered for with pornography, web cam shows and even escort services. Many of these are harmless (although they may be seen as "weird") but some of them require suffering on the part of an animal or another human being, and more often than not these paraphilias are illegal.

List of Paraphilias

Common Name Other Names / Related Fetishes Description of Fetish
Abasiophilia A fetish for people with Impaired mobility
Acrotomophilia A fetish for amputees
Agalmatophilia Immobile objects such as mannequins
Algolagnia Pain involving sexual areas
Andromimetophilia Transgender men
Anililagnia An attraction, exhibited by young men, to older women
Anthropophaphagolagnia Rape and eating someone (cannibalism)
Anthropophagy Cannibalism Fetish Eating human flesh
Apotemnophilia The desire to be an amputee
Asphyxiaphilia Arousal around the idea of being strangled
Autagonistophilia Being in the limelight, such as on stage or camera
Autassassinophilia Placed in dangerous and life-threatening situations
Autoandrophilia A woman who imagines herself as a man
Autoerotic Asphyxia Breath Control Play / Ayposyphilia / Erotic Asphyxiation Self strangulation - often performed while masturbating
Autogynephilia A man who imagines himself as a woman
Auto Haemofetishism Self bleeding
Autonepiophilia Arousal through the image of oneself as an infant
Autopedophilia Arousal through the image of oneself as an child
Autovampirism Imagining oneself as a vampire
Biastophilia Rape Fetish / Rape Fantasy / Raptophilia A paraphilia involving rape.
Blood Fetish Hematolagnia / Blood Play Fascination with blood, may include ingesting it
Chremastistophilia Being robbed or mugged
Chronophilia Anililagnia / Gerontophilia Being with someone who is vastly different in age
Coprophilia Fascination with faeces
Dacryphilia Fetish for tears
Diaper Fetish Diaperism / Nappy Fetish Fetish for wearing diapers
Disability Fetish Abasiophilia Fetish for people with a disability
Dendrophilia Arbophilia Fetish for trees
Emetophilia Vomit Fetish / Roman Shower Fetish for vomit
Erotophonophilia Fetish for murdering people
Exhibitionism Exposing oneself outdoors
Feederism Fat Fetish Erotic feeding and weight gain
Foot Fetish Podophilia A fetish for peoples’ feet
Formicophilia Having bugs crawl wall over them
Forniphilia Using a person as furniture
Frotteurism Chikan Brushing sexual against a non-consenting person
Gerontophilia A fetish for elderly people
Gynandromorphophilia Transfan / Tammyfan / Trannychaser / Transsensual Transsexual women
Hybristophilia Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome Attraction to criminals
Kleptophilia Stealing Fetish
Klismaphilia Sexual arousal through enemas
Lactophilia Erotic Lactation Attraction to breast milk
Liquidophilia Putting own genitals in liquid
Macrophilia Giant Fetish / Amazonian Fetish A sexual fantasy involving giants
Maschalagnia Armpit fetish
Masochism Attraction to own suffering and humiliation
Mechanophilia Car or automobile fetish
Melolagnia Aroused by music
Menophilia Menstruation fetish
Metrophilia Aroused by poetry
Morphophilia Fetish for certain body shapes
Mucophilia Mucus fetish
Musophilia Attraction to mice
Mysophilia Attraction to dirty or decaying things
Narratophilia Fetish for obscene words
Nasophilia Nose Fetish Sexually aroused by noses
Navel Fetish Attraction to navels
Necrophilia Thanatophili / Necrolagnia Attraction to dead people and corpses
Objectophilia Agalmatophilia Inanimate object fetish
Oculolinctus Licking eyeballs
Oculophilia Eyeball Fetish Sexually aroused by eyeballs
Olfactophilia Aroused by certain smells
Paraphilic Infantism Autonepiophilia / Adult Baby Syndrome Fetish for dressing like a baby, or being treated like one
Partialism Attraction to certain body parts that are not otherwise sexual
Peodeiktophilia Exhibitionism / Flashing Exposing own penis
Pedovestism Arousal by dressing like a child
Pictophilia Porn Addiction Pornography or erotic pictures
Piquerism Arousal by stabbing or cutting others
Plushophilia Plushies Attraction to stuffed animals
Pygophilia Buttock fetish
Pyrophilia Fire Fetish Sexually aroused by fire
Sadism Hurting others
Somnophilia Sleeping Fetish Sexual arousal by sleep or unconscious people
Sophophilia Aroused by learning
Sthenolagnia Muscle Worship Aroused by muscles and physical power
Stigmatophilia Body piercing and tattoo fetish
Symphorophilia Watching or creating disasters such as car crashes
Telephone Scatologia Abusive phone calls
Teraophilia Aroused by deformed people and/or fictional monsters
Troilism Cuckholdism Controlling another's genitals.
Trichophilia Hair Fetish Sexually aroused by hair.
Transvestophilia Transvestic Fetish Sexually aroused by transvestites.
Transvestic Fetish Transvestophilia Dressing as the opposite gender.
Toucherism Frotteurism Touching someone unexpectedly and non consensually
Toxophilia Archery fetish
Urolagnia Golden Shower / Watersport Fetish for urine
Vampirism Auto Haemofetishism / Blood Fetish Aroused by blood
Vorarephilia Anthropophaphagolagnia / Anthropophagy Being eaten or eating others
Voyeurism Watching others naked or whilst they are having sex
Zoophilia Beastiliaty Desire to have sex with animal