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Olfactophilia is when an individual gains sexual satisfaction by the scent of body odor.

What is Olfactophilia?

The paraphilia olfactophilia concerns people who get aroused by the smell of their body or another’s body. Although it is common to be attracted to someone because of the way they smell, olfactophilia is specifically related to intense arousal at natural body odor and other scents that come from a person’s body. The fetish is widely recognized and is not very uncommon.

An olfactophile can find anybody’s scent arousing, but it is also dependent on the individual. Some olfactophiles like all body parts while others are more specific with their tastes. The most common part of the body for olfactophiles to find attractive is sexual body parts. This could be the penis, breasts, vagina or any other body part used for sexual activities.

A person may find the scent of sexual body parts arousing because of the purpose that they are supposed to be used for. The scent of other body parts may stimulate the brain in ways that an individual will find attractive. An olfactophile may choose to gain sexual satisfaction by focusing their attention on the body parts that they believe smell the best during sex.

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