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Oculophilia is the paraphilia name for getting sexually aroused by the thought of eyeballs.

What is Oculophilia?

Oculophilia is similar to many other body part fetishes where an individual finds a part of the body or an organ the source of their sexual excitement. Oculophilia can go hand in hand with other eyeball related fetishes such as oculolinctus where the eyeball is licked to gain sexual pleasure. However, it can also be a standalone fetish for those who simply like the image of an eyeball.

There are different aspects of the eyeball that could be attractive for people who have oculophilia. This could be the look of the eyeball, the feel or related sensations received when looking at or touching an eyeball. Although oculophilia can be experienced physically through touch with a partner or by one’s self it can also be a mental fetish. Daydreams, fantasies or thoughts about eyeballs can be sufficient for some individuals with oculophilia who aren’t prepared for the physical aspect. Although sex cannot be achieved through this particular fetish, the stimulation received by individuals through the fetish can act as a type of foreplay. A third party could also get aroused by watching another play or interact with their eyeballs.

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