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Oculolinctus is the name given to the fetish of licking eyeballs for sexual pleasure.

What is Oculolinctus?

The term oculolinctus is a paraphilia and describes the practice of licking other people’s eyeballs to get sexually aroused. Although most of the documented cases of oculolinctus have been discredited many still believe that oculolinctus is a creditable and active fetish. Oculolinctus could be practiced alongside other eyeball ]]fetishes]] or body part fetishes and act as a way for people to experience heightened sexual arousal. The act of practising the fetish could be dangerous for some people who don’t know the proper method or care that needs to be taken.

There is no particular gender or sexuality exclusive to oculolinctus, instead it is practiced by all types of people. Oculolinctus can be performed in a group of two or more people and consists of people licking each other’s eyeballs for their pleasure. While some people may like the taste or texture of someone’s eyeballs, others may prefer to have their eyeball’s licked and get satisfaction that way. Oculolinctus can also be enjoyed by third party who like to watch the act instead of participating in the fetish. Oculolinctus could also act as a humiliation technique during BDSM role-play or used to distress and stimulate a submissive.