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Objectophilia is the paraphilia term for a person who has built a strong emotional bond with an inanimate object.

What is Objectophilia?

Objectophilia is quite different to most fetishes and is more about romantic connections than purely sexual desire. A person with objectophilia will have a strong connection with inanimate objects, much like how a normal relationship between two people would be. It is often the case that a person will begin a relationship with an object and class them as their partner.

Objectophilia can occur in males and females of all sexualities. The individual will give the object of their affections a gender and sometimes a name. The inanimate object could be anything that the person finds arousing and in some cases this will only ever be one object. Although the choice of object may seem random, objectophiles get a strong sense of which object is right for them, similar to how a person chooses a human partner. The object could be anything from a historical monument such as the statue of liberty or even a person’s car.

An objectophile will show affection to the object in the same way as to a human, they may kiss, hug or even have sex. After an objectophile has formed a relationship with an object they may never be able to have a normal relationship. Others think that their object partner has a soul, feelings and in some cases a past life.

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