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UK Top List

Most popular UK cities for adult entertainment:

  1. London
  2. Manchester
  3. Newcastle
  4. Birmingham
  5. Leeds
  6. Bristol
  7. Brighton
  8. Liverpool
  9. Glasgow
  10. Edinburgh
  11. Cardiff
  12. Sheffield
  13. Bradford
  14. Plymouth

World Top List

Most popular cities in the world for adult entertainment:

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Bangkok
  5. Shanghai
  6. Tokyo
  7. Rio de Janeiro
  8. New York
  9. Madrid
  10. Berlin
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Rome
  13. Sydney
  14. Athens
  15. Buenos Aires
  16. Sao Paulo
  17. Hanoi
  18. Newcastle
  19. Manchester
  20. Leeds
  21. Dublin
  22. Florence
  23. Mexico City
  24. Seoul
  25. Delhi
  26. Mumbai

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The city of Newcastle, which is also known as Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is located next to the River Tyne. This lively city is the home of Newcastle Brown Ale, a popular drink that is enjoyed all over the world; Newcastle United FC, a successful Premier League football club that are supported throughout the city and the neighbouring county of Northumberland; and The Great North Run, one of the most popular half-marathon races in the world.

Newcastle is also famous for its wild nightlife, attracting visitors from neighbouring cities and counties. It is a young, friendly and cultured city, with many theatres, clubs, cinemas, galleries and libraries. Newcastle is a great place to shop, to learn and to play. There are many festivals and fairs held within the city throughout the year, including a Chinese Near Year celebration which is held in the Chinatown part of the city; and a Beer Festival in April.

Some of the biggest venues in the city include the Centre for Life, the Metro Radio Arena, St James’ Park and the O2 Academy.

Sex in Newcastle

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Newcastle-upon-tyne is a great party city and is a premier destination for ravers, clubbers and anyone looking for a good time all over the United Kingdom. The locals are known for their love of the nightlife and the women in particular have a reputation for being somewhat more promiscuous than most. A confident single man won’t have an issue picking up a beautiful and friendly woman in any one of the bars or clubs in the city.

The best times to go out are on a Friday or Saturday night. When the patrons are sufficiently lubricated and the night is drawing to a close things can get somewhat rowdy, so caution is advised but generally the locals are friendly and up for a good time.

Away from the clubs, there are many escorts available throughout the city. Prostitution is technically legal in the UK, but soliciting on the street is not so this practice is not advisable. Legal escorts operate out of their homes and they can also visit you in your home or hotel room. They typically charge around £100 for an hour and can be found through a number of directories, many of which have been detailed further down this page.

Newcastle has a huge adult entertainment industry, with more than just good clubs and quality escorts on offer. Here you can find massage parlours, swinging clubs/communities, strip clubs, fetish clubs, fetish shows and sex shops. Newcastle also has a strong gay scene, catering for lesbians, gay and transgender, and a burgeoning BDSM scene, with clubs and shows available if you look in the right places (detailed below).

Escorts in Newcastle

Escorts are usually the best way to pay for sex within Newcastle and most cities across the United Kingdom. Hiring an escort is not illegal, and as long as they don’t work out of a brothel (classed as a building where more than escort operates) you and the girl are not breaking the law. These girls can be found in online or local directories, they can also be found through independent websites. Escort agencies in Newcastle can provide links to an assortment of girls to cater for all tests, from sully mature blondes, to young and fiery redheads and exotic, kinky brunettes.

The prices typically begin at around £80 an hour. Many girls can be hired for as long as a night and as short as half an hour. The girls can perform a range of services, the likes of which are usually discussed on their website, or in advance over the phone. Many of the escorts, especially the independent ones, insist on a phone conversation for their security. Depending on your tastes and preferences, there are a number of link below to the types of escorts offered within Newcastle.

Diamonds of Newcastle Diamonds are an escort agency located in Newcastle, providing sexy girls across the city and the surrounding areas. These girls can be hired for incalls (which means you go to their house) or outcalls (which means that they come to your house or hotel room) and the prices vary depending on the length of the booking. The girls cost just £50 for half an hour for incalls, up to £900 for 24 hours. Any longer bookings can also be arranged, and travel expenses must be paid if you live further outside of the city and still want to hire one of these beautiful girls. For outcalls the prices begin at £120 for an hour, there are no half hour appointments for outcalls and girls cost £950 for the full 24 hours.

All of the escorts available at Diamonds come with ratings and reviews from previous clients, their pages include their vital statistics and a gallery, showing them in their most seductive poses. Whether you like them small and petite with perky breasts and a winning small, or big, bold, brash and up for anything, Diamonds has you covered. You can even order more than one girl at the same time, with the amount of girls stretching as far as your wallet allows.

Classifieds: The classified pages are a great way to find independent escorts in Newcastle. These girls are often just as reliable as girls that work for escort agencies and more often than not they are cheaper and offer more services. These girls may also cater for any fetishes that you may have, simply give them a ring or send them a message in advance, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Regardless of your taste, from young and lively to old and dominant, the classifieds are a great way to find all sorts of girls from all walks of life.

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Prostitutes in Newcastle

Although not advisable, prostitutes are readily available throughout Newcastle. The act of paying for sex is perfectly legal in the UK, and hiring escorts is well within the confines of the law, but paying for sex on the street is not, so caution is advised. The red light district in Newcastle is located behind Central Station. This area has been rejuvenated over the years, but sex workers can still be found patrolling the area. These are often very cheap and can be hired for as little as around £30 a go, with many services available, but these girls are often addicted to drugs and many of them live on the streets.

Brothels in Newcastle

Brothels also operate throughout the city, these are not easy to pin down as they can spring up sporadically. It is illegal to run a brothel in the United Kingdom, so these are usually clandestine buildings, typically staffed by immigrants who live and work in a single room. Due to their illegality, these business are not freely advertised and may be difficult to locate. They are best found by striking up a conversation with a local, or with a sex shop owner or bartender in or near the red light district. The brothels that they direct you to will most likely operate out of seemingly insignificant residential buildings in the city.

Gay Scene in Newcastle

Newcastle has one of the biggest gay scenes outside of the London. The gay scene in Newcastle is known as The Pink Triangle and is located between the Metro Radio Arena and Newcastle Central Station. The North of England is generally very sparse when it comes to gay bars, clubs and general activities, but Newcastle is a great place to be if you’re gay. There are many cool clubs to visit, including gay clubs that cater for fetishes, BDSM and more.

The Eagle: This cosy bar is one of the few leather bars in the North East of England. The Eagle is a quiet and unassuming place where gay singles who are interested in the leather scene go to meet, talk and people-watch. The interior is very sombre and dark, perfect for an anonymous get-together and ideal for meeting likeminded strangers without any of the pomp and flair. The Eagle features male strippers every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and there is a quiz night on Monday. If you want to lose yourself, meet a few leather-clad single men and have a few drinks, The Eagle could be the perfect place for you.

Lesbian Scene in Newcastle

The Pink Triangle has you covered here as well. There is enough here to please everyone, whether gay or lesbian, they are even welcoming to straight men and women who want to go along for the experience. They are drag acts, fetish shows, live music, live comedy acts, dancing, drinking and so much more.

Rusty’s: This popular gay attraction in Newcastle used to be known as the Baron & Baroness. Rusty’s has since been given a full refurbishment, updated and improved, turning it into one of the hottest and sexiest gay destinations in Newcastle. The club features two bars, one upstairs and one downstairs, and there is an abundance of seating with tables and chairs covering both floors. You can choose to enjoy some of the more secluded, intimate areas upstairs, or you can join in the party downstairs, where great music, great drinks and a lively atmosphere can keep you entertained throughout the night.

Rusty’s features an outside seating area and has regular live music and shows, including performances from Nicki Frenchit. It is a firm favourite with the gay and lesbian community and is one of the most lively destinations within The Pink Triangle.

Newcastle BDSM / Fetish Scene

BDSM escorts are different from the typical escorts or prostitutes. These women are paid to provide a range of services, many of which don’t involve sex. Sex can be requested and agreed upon, but BDSM is typically composed of activities based around dominance and submission, often including bondage and other activities, the extent of which depends on the individual escort or “Domme”. BDSM enthusiasts derive pleasure from pain — whether physical, mental or emotional — that is provided in a safe environment with a mutual trust and understanding between the two parties involved.

Newcastle, as with many big cities across the United Kingdom, has its fair share of BDSM escorts. You won’t find as many as you would in the bigger cities, such as Manchester, London and Birmingham, but Newcastle is still a very big, populous and thriving city and there are plenty of Dommes and Fetishists operating within the city and its boundaries. Many of these can be found on local directories or on internet sites such as Adult Work but there are also agencies and experienced and respite individuals who operate their own websites and can be trusted with your custom.

Professional Dominatrices in Newcastle

  • Kinky Dom's Webcam Looking for a quick fix? Check out this super-sexy domme's webcam, which you can be streaming immediately. If you have the balls, you can also chat with her.
  • Fem-Dom Regardless of whether you’re a dominant who likes to be on top and in control, or a submissive who prefers the heel of a boot and the shame of contempt, Fem-Dom has everything that you could ask for. This online dating agency for fetishists has thousands of members across the country, a host of which are located within the city of Newcastle. Regardless of your tastes, whether you crave humiliation, punishment, orgasm denial, cock and ball torture, spanking, hair pulling, whipping, slapping and spitting, you can find a likeminded man or woman to cater for your needs within Newcastle. Using the Fem-Dom website customers can also fulfill their desires in regards to golden showers and forced feminization. It is free to join and you can be chatting to a FemDom or mistress within moments.
  • Mistress Adore Mistress Adore works out of her dungeon in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Mistress Adore does not have sex with her clients, but rather she provides a BDSM experience like no other, so please bear this in mind when contacting her. This feisty fem offers a range of services, many of which can’t be found anywhere else in the North East of England. Mistress Adore is one of the hottest, meanest Dommes in the city of Newcastle. Clients can browse through a range of pictures and services on her website, where she also takes bookings. This sexy seductress also has a Twitter account and stays in regular content with her submissive and supplicant clients. She provides a host of services such as bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, leathers, rubbers, dungeon, master and slave and so much more. If you’re looking for some BDSM entertainment in Newcastle, if you want a sexy, fiery and strong Domme, or an escort that offers something a little extra during your stay in the city, then contact Mistress Adore.
  • Liber8 Liber8 is a fetish and BDSM event that regularly shows at The Globe in Newcastle. This energizing and sexy show caters for all tastes and kinks, so whatever your fetish is you’ll find satisfaction at Liber8. The show is perfect for novices and those with a bit more experience, perfect for anyone looking for a fetish and BDSM night out in Newcastle. Keep an eye on the Liber8 website to find out when these amazing, sexy and kinky shows are showing. These shows are regularly sold out so get your tickets whilst you can.

Staying Safe in Newcastle

Newcastle is a relatively safe city, but a city is still a city and the lure of so many people can attract pickpockets and other criminals. This is not so much of a problem as it is elsewhere though and the main things to look out for are rowdy locals who might start throwing their weight around once they've had a few too many drinks. The UK on the whole has a binge drinking culture, and nowhere is that more clear than in Newcastle on a Friday or Saturday night, when the clubs are jam-packed with locals knocking back countless shots of cheap booze and getting ridiculously drunk within moments of entering the club.

The UK has a stable healthcare system and a decent police force. The healthcare is also free, but unless your arm is hanging off, or half of your face is missing, don't expect to be seen to very quickly after you enter the emergency room. Waiting times are very slow here, especially over the weekend.