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Necrophilia is the desire to have sex or perform sexual acts with a corpse. There are many reasons behind this desire and it varies significantly from person to person depending on their circumstances.

What is Necrophilia?

Necrophilia is thought to be one of the oldest fetishes ever recorded and it is believed that the act of having sex with a corpse stretches back to the Ancient Egyptian times. Necrophilia is a fetish that is rarely spoken about as the act is mostly shunned and often illegal.

The main reason for taking part in Necrophilia acts is said to be because of a person’s desire to have sex with someone who can’t fight back or protest to the act, making them completely submissive. This is similar to a multiple of other fetishes. Other ways to satisfy the fetish without performing the act may be to have intercourse with a person dressed as a corpse, which is a form of role play.

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