Navel Fetish

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A Navel fetish is the increased sexual feelings a person has towards the human navel.

What is a Navel Fetish?

A navel fetish can occur in both males and females of all sexualities. A person is said to have a navel fetish when they have a higher than normal sexual interest in the human navel. Although a person can find the navel a particularly nice spot on their partner’s body, a navel fetish only occurs when a person is significantly aroused by the image of navels in general.

Having a navel fetish is similar to having a stomach fetish and the two are normally present together. There are numerous ways in which a person with a navel fetish can achieve the pleasure they desire. This can be with a partner whose navel is the object of affection or in some cases on the individuals own navel. Often to increase the arousal of an individual with a navel fetish the navel will become the focal point of role-play activities or highlighted during role-play. The sexual arousal experienced when seeing or feeling a navel could be down to the texture, taste or personal experiences with navels.

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