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Mysophilia is the fetish of becoming sexually aroused at the thought of a person’s soiled underwear.

What is Mysophilia?

The paraphilia is centred on the arousal felt by individuals when they are around a person’s soiled underwear. This could be their own underwear or underwear belonging to someone else. While enjoying the scent of underwear is not extremely uncommon, dependent of the type of soiling it could be seen as very unusual. It is normal for a mysophile to have increased sexual urges when they are around soiled underwear, in some cases it is needed to achieve and orgasm or become sexually stimulated.

The fetish can be experienced by men and women but it is thought that higher levels of mysohiles are men who like to smell woman’s underwear. The type of soiling could be sexual or fouling in the underwear. A mysophile could also be aroused by bad smells that can be unrelated to the underwear. Arousal is most likely to be achieved because of the stimulation and effect the smell has on the body. It could also be down to earlier experiences the individual has gone through. Mysophila is very similar to other scent related fetishes and an individual may wish to have sex with someone whilst they smell their soiled underwear.