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Musophilia is the name given for a sexual fetish towards mice.

What is Musophilia?

A person who has a fetish for mice is known as a musophile, meaning that they get sexually excited by the thought or presence of a mouse. Musophilia is similar to many animal fetishes, where the person has an unusual attraction for the animal in question. Musophilia covers all types and breeds of mice but doesn’t extend to rats, hamsters, gerbils or any other similar animal. However, having musophilia doesn’t stop a person having a sexual attraction to other animals also.

Musophile’s can find mice sexually arousing for different reasons. Some people like the feeling of having the mice run across them, finding the sensations sexually pleasing. Others like the look of mice and find their appearance sexually exciting. It can be a combination of a mouse’s qualities that excite a person or a more specific aspect that they use to excite themselves.

Musophiles may choose to practise their fetish or simply keep the thoughts in their imagination. Having Musophilia doesn’t always mean that a person wants to have sex with a mouse but in some circumstances this may be the case. Musophilia could be realised through role-play with another person or as a solo thought.

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