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Mucophilia is the fetish of achieving sexual pleasure through sneezing or seeing a person sneeze.

What is Mucophilia?

Mucophiliais not as uncommon as most people would believe, a fetish for sneezing is a fairly popular and in some cases celebrated fetish to have. A person has mucophilia when they get sexually aroused whilst they sneeze or when they witness another person sneezing. The fetish is generally a standalone fetish and does not necessarily mean a mucophile has to enjoy any other fetish.

While some people enjoy the act of sneezing, to be am ucophile you have to get aroused by the thought and or act. When a person sneezes the resulting effect on their body could be the cause for excitement, or in some cases even the sound of themselves sneezing is enough for some. When getting aroused at the thought or image of another sneezing the resulting arousal could be for different reasons. Attraction to the sound, smell, image or feel of another sneezing could be cause for pleasure.

Mucophilia could be used as part of foreplay or other sexual activities. The effect of sneezing can be repeated through various methods such as feathers or exposure to pepper, making it easily fit in to role-play or foreplay games.

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