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Morphophilia is a paraphilia where a person has an increased sexual interest in people who are significantly different to them.

What is Morphophilia?

Morphophilia is the name given to people whose sexual interests are almost the exact opposite to themselves. The fetish covers quite a wide assortment of desires and sexual inclinations. Morphophilia is also present in other fetishes were the differences between one partner and the other are very different. However it is not necessary to have another fetishes in order be a morphophile.

Morphophilia covers the physical differences between people, mostly their body size and the height of the people involved. A person is said to have morphophilia if they are significantly taller or shorter than their partner or their body weight is a lot higher or lower. Because of this both partners in some relationships can have the fetish, although this is not always the case.

Relationships with differences to that nature are not uncommon but the person only has morphophilia if they have sought a significantly different partner or are looking for one. Morphophilia means that the ability to achieve an orgasm or get sexually aroused is dependent on the difference between an individual and their partner.

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