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  4. Bangkok
  5. Shanghai
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  7. Rio de Janeiro
  8. New York
  9. Madrid
  10. Berlin
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Rome
  13. Sydney
  14. Athens
  15. Buenos Aires
  16. Sao Paulo
  17. Hanoi
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  21. Dublin
  22. Florence
  23. Mexico City
  24. Seoul
  25. Delhi
  26. Mumbai

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Mexico City

Mexico City is a highly modern city with lesser known historical origins as an Aztec Empire of old. Relocated and re-build in the early 1520’s after the destruction of the previous city, Mexico City has many historical roots and offers a substantial cultural delight for any traveller interested in the birth of the extraordinary city. Mexico City provides an interesting adventure and a modern take on the old ways and traditions of those who live there. Hidden charm can be found in the most unusual places within the city and with the recent move to preserve the natural beauty, not only can you look on at the mountains and volcano’s that surround the cities limits, but also explore some of the beauty spots inside the city.

As the capital of Mexico but not one of the 31 states that make up the country, Mexico City is the central hub that draws in much of the tourism. The city itself has seen substantial wealth through most of its life-time and provides a substantial amount of the income generated from Mexico as a whole. Due to its wealth there is an abundance of leisure activities within the city that can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. With a large population and so much to offer visitors there is no wonder why people choose to visit Mexico City year after year.

With thriving modern unique nightclubs and a multitude of local and high-flying bars to choose from, nights out in Mexico City can never be considered boring. A city full of the latest technology and innovative developments you can expect only the best when you visit, may it be for the first or hundredth time there is always something new to spike interest in the beautiful metropolitan city. For a taste of the true roots of Mexico City you can take a walk to one of the traditional handcraft or food markets and experience the Mexican culture at its best.

Escorts in Mexico City

As you would expect in a city as big and diverse as Mexico City there are a lot of escorts working and an exceptionally wide variety to choose from. The Availability to hire an escort in Mexico City is almost second to none with the escort industry being a huge part of life in the city. As with most cities there are two main types of nighttime and daytime company you can hire, the first are prostitutes in Mexico City, known as ‘Puta’ and the second are escorts, generally called ‘Chica’s’. While hiring a prostitute can be considerably cheaper than hiring a professional escort it can also be extremely risky. Prostitutes are generally not regulated to certain standard like escorts which can be very dangerous and with the language barrier it can be difficult to understand what it is exactly you are paying for.

In Mexico City it is possible to hire an escort for company or more from an escort agency, of which there are many operating in the city. However it is often more popular to hire an independent escort from one of the listings websites or directories that are available. Here you can select which escort you would like based on their offered ‘menu’ which states what they are willing to do in your time together. The men and women that normally work as escorts are mostly native to Mexico City, although in some places the options may be more exotic. For streetwalkers in Mexico City you won’t have a hard task finding one in one of the four known red-light districts; Merced, Calzada de Tlalpan, Insurgentes Avenue and Centro Histórico.

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Gay Scene in Mexico City

Mexico City is a relatively new comer to the LGBT scene but has, in recent years, fully embraced the culture and is now thought of as having one of the most modern and vibrant gay scenes in the world. Attracting people from all over the world, what Mexico City has to offer the gay community is not only unique but incredibly friendly, accepting and welcoming of all people. In Mexico City you will find enough available to entertain you for any length of visit and hundreds of visits thereafter.

The main Gay scene can be found at Zana Rose which is home to some of the best nightlife hotspots in the entire city. Marked by bright pink cobblestones, the street has everything available from gay-friendly quaint hotels to the smallest of friendly café’s filled with locals. The scene itself has grown massively to fit the needs of the population but they are always ready to welcome and show around any tourists or direct them to the extremely regular and infamous shows and entertainment.

Kinky Bar is one of the favored and busiest gay bars in Mexico City. Busy from open to close it is incredibly popular and a leading hotspot for both first time travellers and seasoned locals.

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Strip Clubs in Mexico City

Strip clubs in Mexico City come as an assorted mix and if you aren’t careful you can easily end up in a club that is a little different to what you were originally after. As with most of the adult entertainment in Mexico City, there is a substantial amount of strip clubs to choose from but they differ greatly in options and experiences from one another. While many of the clubs don’t widely advertise it is still wise to research what kind of places you are looking for before you just jump straight in. Some of the strip clubs are known to charge considerably higher prices than others for drinks, entertainment and extras.

Primarily the strip clubs in Mexico City offer sensual dances and have a mix of topless and completely nude bars. On top of that there are certain clubs that can provide the ‘full package’ for paying customers that extends a little further than the classic lap dance. The many strip clubs around generally are filled with beautiful local Mexican woman, although a few cater to different tastes entirely.

The Men’s Club is one of the most premier strip clubs in Mexico City. From the comfort of your table you can order their own delicious food, try their cocktails and watch the popular shows and performances.

Sex Shops in Mexico City

If you are looking for sex in Mexico City then your first stop should be to one of the sex shops and boutiques to sample some of the extensive range of products that they have readily available. Everything from fetish gear, sexual outfits and toys can be bought for a good price, all depending on what you fancy trying out.

One of the most common ways to buy sex toys in Mexico City is online and many of the stores list their inventories on their own websites for you to look at and buy with ease. However if you prefer to look in person there are a number of stores spanning the length of the city that provide new and exciting equipment and outfits for even the wildest of tastes.

Mibella Sex Shop stocks the best and newest sex toys available on the market. You can browse through their wide range online or stop in at the store and look firsthand.

Massage Parlours in Mexico City

It is common in Mexico City for many of the strip clubs to offer some form of massage as well as the normal shows that are to be expected. A popular night out in Mexico City can often include a trip to the strip club for a show and a massage to follow. In the bustling city there is always a need to sit back and relax with an erotic or sensual massage performed by trained professionals in the art. Throughout Mexico City there are a number of massage parlours, all varying in price and experiences available for customers.

In some instances you can pick out your masseuse ahead of time while in others the man or woman is chosen for you. Depending on how much you want to relax and what kind of establishment you choose the prices can get a little high. Normally in Mexico City there is a set list of which massages and relaxations you can choose from and this is almost universal in all the different establishments around. Learning a little of the local slang in advance will help you to get what you want as soon as you arrive.

Fun for Women in Mexico City

The countless entertainment opportunities in Mexico City aren’t just limited to men; there are more than enough couple and woman-only events to fill every possible desire. From male dance performances in some of the most popular strip clubs to famous shows almost every night of the week, choice is not something that is lacking in Mexico City. There is also an extensive range of male company for hire if you fancy mixing up your holiday and meeting one of the local male escorts.

One of the biggest underground communities in Mexico City, who are always looking for new women, is the massively popular swinging clubs. Swinging is incredibly popular in the city and the scene has grown exponentially over recent years. There is never a shortage of swinging parties or small events for women and couples to attend.

BDSM and Fetish Activities in Mexico City

While Mexico City has embraced much of its locals and it’s visitors sexual desires when it comes to the fetish and BDSM scene the city is lacking in variety more so than most large cities. Mexico City is not known as a prime destination to embrace the BDSM lifestyle but it does still have some unique events and options available for travellers to the city, so they are not left wanting too much. Many of the sex shops in Mexico City do cater for fetishes so it isn’t hard to pick up the items you need in the City to participate in the activities that you like.

The large swinging scene is normally the best place to look for BDSM and fetish specific activities as they do hold regular events and theme nights for their visitors and members. The types of theme can vary considerably depending on which side of the community you look for but they should cater to most tastes. For a more public event some of the bars in around the city do host fetish nights and for something very private a selection of the escorts in Mexico City are happy and willing to fore-fill certain needs.

Professional Dominatrices in Mexico City

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Mistress Natasha Muller is one of the most sought after dominatrix’s in Mexico City. With years’ of experience she offers a world class service for all of her clients whether they are local or not.

Staying Safe in Mexico City

While the crowded areas of Mexico City are considered mostly safe as soon as you stray from the tourist path you are very likely to be put at risk or be ripped off. A lot of Mexico City has seen significant investment with its newest buildings reflecting the wealth that the city earns but many of the undeveloped places that while seem enticing, are in fact very dangerous, especially to a foreign traveller. The huge handcrafted markets are one of the most prominent places where tourists experience the dangers of the city. With so many people around it is likely that while visiting these places you will be the target of pickpockets or inflated prices.

There is a significant police presence in Mexico City’s most popular places which are generally deemed safe, at least in day light hours. Once night falls and the bars open it is even more important to be cautious and know exactly where you intend on going as well as where you are. Choosing popular spots near your own hotel is always advised as the Mexico City streets can be confusing at the best of times. To be best prepared for any time spent in the city it is wise to hide any valuables, including expensive clothes, out of sight of other people who may pose a threat.

Affairs in Mexico City

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