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If you have Meniphilia then check our links below to indulge in your fetish. If you simply want to know more about Menophilia, then read-on for a brief introduction of this common sexual fetish.

Sites for Menophilia

Menophilia can be difficult for those who have it. This is a very common fetish, but it is not that widely accepted and not many people understand just how common it is. When it comes to indulging in menophilia, it is not as easy to bring up and get your partner involved in as a foot fetish, but it is decidedly easier than a fetish that involves extreme violence, excrement or urine.

Many people with menophilia find that escorts are the best people to first bring the fetish up with. Webcam girls, such as the ones on this link will happily let your indulge your fetish on the camera, and you can also hire escorts if you want to go all of the way. If you’re a little unsure how to go about this, then checkout our How to Hire an Escort page.

If you want to get a partner involved, then one of the best ways to do that is to simply approach her when she is on her menstrual cycle. She may feel unsexy, which means that you have to get her in the mood first, and by that we don’t mean you have to force yourself on her. Try some Bondage Gear from the UK’s biggest supplier who also sell a butt-load of sex toys that can help you to get her in the mood.

If you are a woman and you want to use your natural cycle to your advantage, pleasing the many people that have this fetish (and trust us, there are many) then you can always become a webcam model. We have teamed up with iFriends to make this easier for you. It’s free and it’s easy. If you want to read more then read our article on How to Become a Webcam Model, if you want to jump straight in and sign up (it’s free and they will do all the advertising for you) then checkout this link

What is Menophilia?

Menophilia is the name given to the fetish of having a sexual attraction to a women’s period blood. This is a very common fetish, in fact, of all the fetishes discussed on the A World of Sex website, Menophilia is the one that attracts by far the most Google searches.

Menophilia is where a person finds the blood produced during a women’s menstrual cycle attractive. This could be when a person finds another women’s period blood arousing or that they find their own blood sexually pleasing. To be a menophile the person doesn’t have to have an attraction to other blood, only that particular blood; however, it isn’t uncommon for a person to have more than one blood fetish.

A menophile can be both a man or a woman; lesbians, bisexuals and heterosexuals can all have the fetish. The level of attraction to menstrual blood varies from person to person. Some people like the feel, look and taste of the blood whilst other are more specialized and only like certain aspects. Menophilia doesn’t mean that a person wants to have sex with a woman whilst they are on their period, but in most cases that is how people with menophilia relieve their sexual tension. The sexual attraction could come from a variety of reasons, most likely those similar to that of a person who has a blood fetish or something more personal to a particular individual.

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