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Mechanophilia is a paraphilia that involves cars, robots, airplanes and other automobiles, mechanics and even appliances.


Mechanophilia is a paraphilia relating to cars, bikes, motorbikes and even airplanes. Mechanophiles feel a strong attraction towards these automobiles and often try to have sex with them. In the United Kingdom, where such an activity is against the law, it has been known for someone to be arrested for having sex with his car in public.

Mechanophilia also relates to people who fantasise about having sex with robots and androids, and those who copulate with other appliances and machines such as lawn mowers, washing machines, etc. Many of these individuals claim to be “in love” with their chosen appliance or automobile, whilst others try to play the field with as many machines as they can.

Mechanophiles also covet other people’s cars and even the cars of other Mechanophiles, creating strong tension and often aggressive confrontations, like that involved in human extra-martial affairs, when the owner of the vehicle finds out.

In Popular Culture

There is a strong online culture for Mechanophilia and documentaries have been made about it. One of the most outspoken Mechanophiles, An American man named Edward Smith, is reported to have admitted to fornicating with over 1.000 cars