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Massage parlours are establishments that offer erotic and sexual services to paying customers. There are thousands of massage parlours operating in the world and can be found in almost every country. In exchange of a fee you can get a massage from a man or women that can have a ‘happy ending’, meaning the person in question receives an orgasm or sexual release. These parlours have been operating for many years and it is common for there to be more than one in each major city.

About Massage Parlours

Massage parlours are usually disguised as places offering normal spa treatments and massages but are, for the most part, a front. Although there are some parlours that don’t offer a happy ending, others act as a poorly disguised brothel were men and women are available as prostitutes for hire. In the instances where sex is not on offer, the customer may still be able to pleasure themselves while watching an erotic show, similar to that of a strip club but without the restrictions.

As well as sexual acts, massage parlours also offer other treatments that are similar to that of normal massage venues. Many are fully equipped with hot tubs and various spa treatments that the customer can enjoy whilst spending time at the parlour. These may be conducted in a different manner to the norm however; naked hot tubs and massages conducted in lingerie are some examples of what else could be on offer.

Legality of Massage Parlours

There is a lot of debate surrounding the use and running of massage parlours. While prostitution is legal in the United Kingdom, not everything that happens in a massage parlour is. You are not allowed to pimp men or women out, so the act of taking a commission for services is illegal and you can be prosecuted. In countries where prostitution is illegal, the men and women offering sex or sexual acts for money could also be prosecuted. Thailand is renowned for its use of massage parlours and the large industry surrounding the practice. In a lot of cases it has been discovered that many of the women used in the parlours are trafficked children who haven’t chosen to be there. This has caused a legal crackdown on the amount of massage parlours that are still operating. It is illegal in almost every country to keep men and women prisoner to service another’s sexual needs, so ensuring the parlour you visit is within the law is crucial.