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Masochism is where a person gains sexual pleasure from having pain inflicted upon them or inflicting pain on themselves.

What is Masochism?

Masochism is an important part of many BDSM activities and is used by most dominants and their submissive as a way to get sexually aroused. Masochism centers on the infliction of pain towards a subject, often the submissive during role-play. The level of pain that is given is dependent on the situation and the trust between partners.

Although the most common type of pain inflicted is physical, other types of pain can also be used to achieve sexual pleasure. Mental pain is another source of sexual arousal for some. This could be achieved through deprivation such as the not being allowed to move or having restricted access to food and water. Even forms of humiliation that cause distress and embarrassment are a part of masochism.

Masochism can be used as a personal stimulant without the aid of another person, although this is not as common. People who enjoy masochism may choose to inflict pain upon themselves as a way to achieve sexual pleasure. This could be during or as a way to get sexually aroused before sex.

Masochism goes hand in hand with most BDSM activities, although it is not necessary. While some people enjoy a little pain as part of their foreplay routine, others prefer more hard-core activities that are often performed with a specialist. Bondage and gagging are used alongside masochism to give heightened sexual pleasure as well as numerous sex toys such as whips, chains and flogs. Each person has a different technique for matching pleasure and pain in a way that’s best for them.

There are many subcategory fetishes that use masochism as their main trigger point but with these the area where pain is inflicted is normally specific. Masochism has been associated with sexual activities for many years and is noted as a popular and not uncommon sexual stimulant. There are an abundance of clubs and groups where people choose to practice their particular form of Masochism.

The sexual aspect of masochism is different for most people, their arousal stemming from different personal reasons. Whilst pain is being inflicted a submissive may enjoy the feeling of punishment or being out of control. The reverse is normally the case for dominants who generally view the infliction of pain as a way to show power over their submissive and gain sexual pleasure that way.

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