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Maschalagnia is known as a partialism and is where a person has a particular sexual interest in their armpit or another’s armpit.

What is Maschalagnia?

It is not uncommon for a person to be interested in the smell of an armpit, this is especially the case with women towards men, as it is the source of most people’s natural scent. However, maschalagnia is more intense and sexually orientated than this natural desire.

Maschalagnia could be directed towards the smell, taste or feel of an armpit and is not exclusive to a person’s own armpit. A man may have the desire to rub his penis against another armpit, causing friction and consequently sexual pleasure. It is possible in some cases to have armpit intercourse where a man ejaculates into the armpit of another, purely from the feel of it against him. A similar activity can be performed by women but this can be much more difficult to accommodate. Stimulating the armpit can also be a type of foreplay for some couples where they kiss the skin or provide physical stimulation in the form of tickling or stroking.

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