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Country Top List

The most popular adult entertainment destinations in the world.

  1. USA
  2. Netherlands
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Germany
  5. Mexico
  6. France
  7. Japan
  8. Italy
  9. Vietnam
  10. Spain
  11. Portugal
  12. Austria
  13. Brazil
  14. Ireland
  15. Australia
  16. Canada
  17. New Zealand
  18. China
  19. India
  20. Russia
  21. Norway
  22. Sweden
  23. Turkey
  24. Greece
  25. Switzerland
  26. Finland -- Helsinki
  27. Denmark -- Copenhagen
  28. Czech Republic - Prague
  29. Argentina - Buenos Aires
  30. Colombia - Bogota
  31. Thailand - Bangkok
  32. South Korea - Seoul
  33. Hong Kong - Hong Kong City
  34. Kenya - Nairobi

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City Top List

Most popular cities in the world for adult entertainment:

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Bangkok
  5. Shanghai
  6. Tokyo
  7. Rio de Janeiro
  8. New York
  9. Madrid
  10. Berlin
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Bangkok
  13. Sydney
  14. Athens
  15. Buenos Aires
  16. Sao Paulo
  17. Hanoi
  18. Newcastle
  19. Manchester
  20. Leeds
  21. Dublin
  22. Rome
  23. Mexico City
  24. Seoul
  25. Delhi
  26. Mumbai

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A World of Sex

A World of Sex is a comprehensive Wiki, giving you information on everything you need to know about sex, paraphilia, escorts and more. From detailed information on the best sex shops, escort services and adult entertainment in cities all over the world, to everything you could every want to know about paraphilias, sexual positions, prostitution and so much more. A World of Sex is moderated and edited by a team of well-informed and dedicated individuals who have trawled the internet and the cities in question to provide you with an exhaustive list of everything you could ever want to know.


A World of Sex is a dedicated adult encyclopaedia covering everything that you could ever want to know about sex, pornography, escorts and more. The site was set up as a sex guide, providing detailed information about where to find the best adult entertainment (sex shops, prostitutes, escorts and escort services) in cities all over the world, from London, Amsterdam and Paris, to New York and Bangkok, but the idea quickly grew and expanded into what you see today. AWOS contains more than just city guides, it is a vast and ever expanding adult network, your one-stop-shop for everything adult and sex related.

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Sex Shops all over the world

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The Hidden Side of Every City

If you're single, on your holiday and looking for a good time in a new city, then Tripadvisor can only take you so far. Here at A World of Sex we offer you access to the darker, kinkier and more exciting side of your holiday destination. Every city has a hidden side, an underbelly that few tourists ever get to see, and we can show you that side. At AWOS you can find all of the best massage parlours (whether you're looking for a happy ending or not) brothels, sex shops and escort services. There is a world of sex out there waiting for you if you look in the right places, and we're going to show you exactly where you should look.

Our comprehensive database provides content to suit both sexes and all preferences. Whether you like it dirty or clean, soft or slow, wild or sensual, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

The Action in your Hometown

These links don't just apply to tourists either, nor are they restricted to big cities. AWOS contains detailed information on where to find the cheapest sex toys, the classiest escorts and the sexiest bars for a whole range of towns and cities. Our listings cover a wide range of information, including where to find the best fetish clubs and events, where the find the best entertainment for women and where to find the red light district or gay scene. If you're stuck looking for something to do, then simply punch in the name of your location and uncover the wealth of entertainment on offer.

Our site is growing day by day, hour by hour; so if you can't find what you're looking for now, be sure to check back at a later date. Alternatively, send an email to "request at aworldofsex dot com" to see if our team of writers will work on a listing for your city or town.

Porn Star Profiles

These are the faces and the bodies that have graced our screens for decades, the men and women that work and play hard to give us the satisfaction that we crave. They are actors and actresses in their own rights and deserve all the accolades and recognition that they get. To pay further homage to them we have dedicated a section of the website to their work and their lives. You can check out our Porn Star Profiles to discover the biggest names in the sexiest profession, or you can take a peek at our Sex Tape Scandals section to become enlightened about all the celebrities that have done the dirty and exposed their dirty laundry to the world.

Erotica and More

Most writers like to dabble in erotica, and the AWOS writers are no different. The erotica section of the site showcases unique erotic stories that have not been published anywhere else online. These are the dirtiest, sexiest stories that our skilled writers can come up with. To read more from these writers, check out the Opinion Pieces section which covers a range of topical articles and blog posts from the AWOS writers.

Fetish / Paraphilia

Fetishes and Paraphilias

AWOS is a great research portal for anyone who wants to know more about sex. Dedicated to providing information on every sexual subject that you can think of, AWOS also contains an extensive list of paraphilia, from BDSM to agalmatophilia. Our database covers all kinks and desires, from the delightful and the weird, to the extreme and the absurd.

Simply use the search bar at the top of this website to find what you're looking for, you can also view our detailed list of paraphilias and get lost in a world you probably didn't even know existed.

Escort Interviews

Interviews with Real Life Escorts and Professional BDSM Dominatrixes

If you want to get a true taste of the world of escorts and professional BDSM dominatrixes, then what better way than to go straight to the source At AWOS we have sought out and interviewed a number of girls who work in this industry, asking for any insider info and for their honest opinions. You can see these interviews in our interview section, with comprehensive interviews from the likes of professional UK dominatrix Mistress Geo Pinch and many more.

Marketing / Advertising Opportunities

AWOS relies on advertising revenue to continue doing the work that it's doing. AWOS is owned and managed by freelancer writers and enthusiasts, taking time out of their schedule to make sure that this site remains as detailed and as up-to-date as possible. To monetise the website and to ensure that it continues to grow, we offer advertising opportunities. Everything is open for discussion, whether you simply want your details embedded within a city article (only the admin are allowed to make changes at AWOS) or you want your banner displayed throughout the site, we can help you.

We are happy to discuss advertising opportunities with any retailers, escort agencies (or independent escorts) and other websites that relate to the content we provide. Simply email us at "marketing at aworldofsex dot com" and let us know who you are and what you require, we'll get someone to check your message and respond to it ASAP.

Write for A World of Sex

The AWOS Wiki is a closed Wiki run by a handful of freelance writers and enthusiasts who are dedicated to creating a comprehensive website, covering everything you could ever want to know about sex. If you would like to work for us then we would be happy to hear from you, but unfortunately we can't offer to pay you for your services. We do employ paid writers but we seek them out when and where needed, and do not ask them to come to us.

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All submissions will be vetted by an editor and only the most trusted and qualified writers will be invited to write for the site. If you would like us to consider you, whether because this is something you would enjoy or because you want to build some experience and/or writing credits, then send an email to our editor at "editor at worldofsex dot com"