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Macrophilia is the term used to describe a sexual fetish for giants or large beings.

What is Macrophilia?

Macrophilia can take the form of an intense sexual interest or fascination towards giants, mostly regarding their size. Macrophilia may involve a female giantess or male giant and can be expressed by both men and women regardless of sexual orientation. The giant in question could take the form of a mythical creature or be an abnormally large human. There are also variations where the macrophilie may imagine themselves being shrunk down to a tiny size then fantasying about a normal sized person. The fetish can also be present between people who have relationships with larger people and the size difference is natural.

Macrophilia can be linked to BDSM and submission, especially in men. By imaging tall, large women they can create the feeling of being submissive and under the control of the larger, more powerful being. In a role reversal, when the fetish is acted out, the person playing the giant may experience feelings of dominance towards the other. By being significantly bigger than their partner they can take full control of the sexual events.

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