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UK Top List

Most popular UK cities for adult entertainment:

  1. London
  2. Manchester
  3. Newcastle
  4. Birmingham
  5. Leeds
  6. Bristol
  7. Brighton
  8. Liverpool
  9. Glasgow
  10. Edinburgh
  11. Cardiff
  12. Sheffield
  13. Bradford
  14. Plymouth

World Top List

Most popular cities in the world for adult entertainment:

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Bangkok
  5. Shanghai
  6. Tokyo
  7. Rio de Janeiro
  8. New York
  9. Madrid
  10. Berlin
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Rome
  13. Sydney
  14. Athens
  15. Buenos Aires
  16. Sao Paulo
  17. Hanoi
  18. Newcastle
  19. Manchester
  20. Leeds
  21. Dublin
  22. Florence
  23. Mexico City
  24. Seoul
  25. Delhi
  26. Mumbai

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Leeds is situated in West Yorkshire and benefits from the rolling Yorkshire countryside and unrivalled sites. With a regional population of over 3,000,000 people, Leeds is the third largest city in the UK. It is a historic market town, known for its production of wool and textiles for hundreds of years. The industrial revolution brought wealth to the city and it became a leading industrial centre, producing iron as a main resource. As the city grew in size it still kept many historic features that can still be found throughout the city today. With the wealth Leeds has gained through its industries, it has grown rapidly into the metropolis you can see today.

Inside the city centre you can experience the vibrant and lively nightlife, boasting theme bars, gay bars and exotic restaurants to suit every taste. The large city plays host too many events including comedy shows, plays and music concerts, so there is something to do whatever your age and hobbies. Just outside the city you can choose from a range of activities such as snowboarding, go-karting and wave-riding. Leeds is a leading technological city that possesses all the excitement and culture you could dream of finding in a large working city.

Escorts in Leeds

Leeds has an excellent and varied escort circle that offers company and companionship all year round. Whether you’re looking for someone to accompany you to an event or you need someone to hold an intellectual conversation with, there is a willing and unique service for you.

  • Webcam Girls: If you want free access to women around the world, with a focus on blondes and big breasts, then checkout this link. Everything is free and you can be joined up and watching live cam shows in minutes.
  • Angels North is a leading company that offers elite escorts around the Leeds area for all types of companionship from duo girls to couples.
  • Wildcat Escorts Can provide you with some company long into the night with their intelligent and beautiful women.

Gay Scene in Leeds

The gay scene in Leeds is massive and varied enough to suit all ages and tastes. A key event in Leeds for the gay community is Leeds Gay Pride, which takes place every year and is hugely popular in the city and worldwide. The gay district in Lower Briggate has clubs, saunas and bars, which are open to everyone and always accommodating.

  • The Viaduct in Leeds is a leading show bar. They offer shows, games and karaoke to those who are looking to have a good time.
  • The Steam Complex is great if you’re looking for something a little different offers a 25 person sauna, playrooms and more. They are open every day until 3am to help men relax.

Strip Clubs in Leeds

There are some fantastic exotic strip clubs in Leeds for men and women looking for an exciting night and a few drinks. The scene is very broad; with both large and small clubs to suit those looking for a discreet night out or to celebrate as a large party. One of the most active strip clubs in Leeds is Wildcats; they boast a lively bar and many talented girls. Silks Gentlemen Lounge is a professional lounge and one of the best in the country, offering completely nude dances in its modern and stylish club.

Sex Shops in Leeds

Whatever type of product you’re looking for to spice up your sex life, you can find it in Leeds. The city has a lot to offer to those who want to try something new or explore their desires. The biggest store in Leeds is Pulse and Cocktails who are also the largest sex superstore in Europe selling everything from lingerie to lubricants.

Fleshlight Sale If you can’t get to the shops in this city, or you’re too embarrassed, then you can always order online.This link points to Love Honey’s huge selection of Fleshlights, with a vast array of oral, anal and vaginal Fleshlights to check out. There is even a Sex in a Can. Genius. If you want to read more about them and see our reviews of the best ones available, then checkout our Fleshlights page.

Massage Parlours in Leeds

When you’ve had a stressful day at work there is nothing better than a relaxing massage. From Swedish massage to intense muscle relief there is a lot on offer in Leeds if you need time to unwind in a tranquil parlour. Winston’s is not only the biggest massage parlour in Leeds but also the in country; if you visit them you will get exclusive use of their 30 person Jacuzzi as well as a stress-relieving massage. Annabelle’s is a highly rated small and discreet massage parlour in Leeds that offers quality one on one massages for both men and women.

Adult Entertainment for Women in Leeds

There is not just entertainment available for men in Leeds but also a large and lively scene for women to enjoy themselves. There are many adult activities for women from male strip shows to sensual massage lessons; you won’t be let wanting for choice. Chillisauce offers fun and exotic nights for women in Leeds, with buff butlers and male strippers, there’s fun for everyone. Mojo Massage are experts in erotic massage and ready to teach women how to tease their partners and enjoy themselves.

BDSM and Fetish Activities in Leeds

If you enjoy exploring BDSM or indulging in your favourite fetish then there is a lot on offer for you in Leeds. If you like the idea of swinging or fancy embracing you desires with a mistress you will find a lot of options. The scene is friendly and ready and willing to embrace new people, with a multitude of events and activities to accommodate all skills and desires. From dungeons, clubs and private parties the scene is getting bigger by the day.

Professional Dominatrices in Leeds

  • Kinky Dom's Webcam Looking for a quick fix? Check out this super-sexy domme's webcam, which you can be streaming immediately. If you have the balls, you can also chat with her.
  • Mistress Gabriella provides discreet sessions in Leeds for both men and women looking to embrace their fetish desires. She is willing to take beginners into her dungeon and teach them her tricks.
  • Isis Quest is a premier club that holds weekly parties for couples looking to experience new things with other like-minded couples in a safe and secure environment.
  • Mistress Davina is ready for you if you have a fetish for fantasy that you would like to try out with her. With a well-equipped dungeon in Leeds she loves to explore your BDSM dreams.

Staying Safe in Leeds

Leeds is a relatively safe city and the UK has free healthcare and free sexual health clinics, it also has low incidences of things like AIDs and HIV, but that doesn't mean that you should be reckless. Protection should be worn when engaging in sexual activities as working girls still carry a lot of nasty STDs.

Affairs in Leeds

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